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Agree? . . #feelgoodfriday

A post shared by Kelsey Matheson (@_kelseymatheson) on Nov 10, 2017 at 4:00am PST

  • Registration is OPEN for The Academy 2018⚡️ This 8-week course is jam packed with tools to empower women to find balance and feel vibrant ✨ This is all about optimal health and transformation ⚡️ IF YOU’RE FEELING exhausted, stuck in a grind of endless tasks, not getting enough sleep and unhappy with your physical fitness, then I invite you to CLICK the link in my bio and check out what I’m offering alongside a myriad of dynamic experts 🙌🏼 . . #bestlifenow
  • Girls Not Brides. The time is now to stop the culture of forcing girls to take on womanhood far too soon. I am proudly donating a portion of the sales of my new 30-day meditation series to @girlsnotbrides_org ... Click the link in bio for all details 🙏🏼
  • Happy #WorldKindnessDay! Start this week by scheduling time for YOU. Making a plan to integrated at least 20 minutes of self-care into every day will not only boost your productivity, but heighten your happiness 😀 Whether you book time to meditate, fit in that workout that makes you feel so AMAZING, take a hot bath, or hit your favourite cafe with a friend you’ve not seen in a while, I GUARANTEE the effects will be both positive and profound... and they’ll ripple through every aspect of your life ✨ Wishing everyone a HIGH VIBE week! . . #selfcareeveryday
  • Agree? . . #feelgoodfriday
  • Double-tap if you agree! Whether you’re desk-bound or juggling life as a mompreneur, you’ve got #goals 🙌🏼 Introducing a dynamic 30-day #meditation series that will prime you for SUCCESS. Click the link in my bio to start today... $5 from every purchase will be donated to @girlsnotbrides_org 🙏🏼 . . #meditateforlife